Tips to Choose the Best Crabs

Around the world, the most delicacy meal is from the crab. However, in Canada and United States, many crab spices are readily available to cooks of seafood. Various crab types have particular distinctive and texture. The Dungeness crab is one of the large and meaty shellfish. However, the blue crab is flavorful though smaller. A snow crab or king has a delicate flavor and the white meat.

Therefore, it is important to select live crabs when purchasing or crabs that are steamed and ready to eat. Again, it is wise to avoid lifeless or crab that is dead. Additionally, a crab kept for long in the market have soft belly since already is burning on reserves. However, the right place to buy crab is a specialist busy seafood at Higher turnover makes sure you find in the market the freshest crabs.

The lovers of shellfish who do not have time to get it in a market of local fresh seafood should consider the online seafood market. The supermarket crabs should be avoided much the seafood lovers. However, they can be cheaper though having no flavor and less meat. Canned crab or frozen is, however, the best alternative if there is no other option even though the flavor is less since the ingredients are good for recipes.

It is therefore good to look for out of water crabs. This is because the one stored out of water ensure moving less around burning fewer resources and having a meatier meal. An eco-friendly choice for the seafood lovers is the male crabs. In many areas, the female crabs harvesting has become depopulated.

It is, however, easier to differentiate the gender. A male crab has narrow, longer plate in the belly center while the female has triangular or oval and wide plate. Male crab also has the claw of blue tips and the female having the red tips. Again, when choosing your seafood, it is wise to consider the one that is very fresh having no smell. For more facts and information about seafood, go to

The crustacean that is meatiest is the one nearing the end of the life cycle that is current, having the approach of another molt. The shell, however, should be filled with flesh, hardest and not water. However, you can ensure judging the shell age to be able to tell the crab maturity. The crab that is immature has the shiny bright shell surface and claw teeth that are sharp.

Additionally, these crabs should be ready cooked and served for two days. However, it is wise not to cook them if they are already dead. The crab that is frozen should, however, be defrosted depending on your instruction and recipe from the purveyor of seafood.