A Guide to Buying the Best Crab

Lovers of sea food know how tasty well-made crabs are. The secret to delicious crab is not just in the cooking but in choosing the right crab. If you do not know much about crabs that is not something that is easy to do but you need not fear because this article will help you with that. Here are some tips on how to choose the buy the best crab.

First, you need to know that fresh crab does not have an odor which means that you should steer clear pod crabs that have an odor. A crab that is going bad will smell of ammonia therefore if you find that a crab has an ammonia crab it is not in good condition thus not fit for human consumption. Normally crab that is not preserved will start going bad within a few hours so if the crab is not being preserved you should not consume it if it died more than a few hours prior to preparation.

Also go for crabs that have a dull shell. I know as humans we are attracted to things that have a shiny and beautiful appearance, but that is not the case with crabs. It is advisable to choose crab that has a dull shell that has a few signs of wear because that is a clear indication that the crab is ready to shed its shell hence very fleshy and since you are after its flesh then it would be the perfect choice. Click this link!

Look for full grown crabs as you look for crabs to buy at www.crabdynasty.com/products/c5-Crab-Meat.  I know that may not be easy when you have no idea how to identify a full-grown crab but you need not worry. A full-grown crab will have worn claws due to a lifetime of killing prey using it. Therefore, if a crab has claws that are pretty unused it is not full-grown. When a crab is filly grown it has a lot of flesh compared to younger crabs.

The tummy of the crab is another place that can clearly tell you if the crab it the best one to buy. The tummy lies under the flap on its underside. If at all the tummy is firm and has a yellow tinge then the crab has a lot of flesh however if you find that the tummy is tender and has a blue tinge then its flesh reserves have been used up. To get some facts about seafood, go to http://solarcooking.wikia.com/wiki/Seafood.

If you are choosing a live crab then go for the crabs that are the most aggressive in the tank as opposed to those that are lying pretty lifeless or inactive.