Things You Should Know Before Purchasing the Crabs

People from the seas sides know crabs are delicious. When people from any corner of the world have a taste of the delicious meals of the crabs, they feel like to move to the sea or even on other countries. However, crabs can be found, and it is cheaper to prepare your crab meal rather than in restaurants. You just need the meat and the recipe, and you are good to go.

You should choose where to purchase the crabs. It might be a store that sells the crabs, and some restaurants can have a part where they sell the crabs, and even nowadays there is online way of purchasing the crabs.

Whenever you purchase a crab, you should ensure that the crab is alive. Even if it is not that aggressive, it should have signed to show that it is active. If you buy a dead crab, this meat might have spoilt even before you reach to your house. The crabs have meat that spoils faster if they die.  If you buy dead crabs not only will you buy a spoilt meat but you will incur the loss of buying them. You can poke them to see how they behave to clarifying of their full of life.

You should purchase the big in size crabs. The bigger the size of the crab the more the meat you will get. Since you need much meat, then you can choose the crab which is about five inches wide. You should consider buying the male crab which is full of meat. To differentiate between the male and female is that the under plate of a male is pointing while of the female is triangular in shape plate.

You should consider the maturity of the crab. If the crab has the hardest shell, the worn-out and flattened claws, then it means that it is mature ready for the next life. If you purchase a crab which is older, then it will have the most meat you can ever get. Young crabs have shiny, smooth shells and sharp craws of which they don't have the capacity of meat the mature one has. To get more tips on how to choose the best seafood, go to

You should be aware of storing the crabs. You should buy the crabs which can live out of water since you just have to dip them in the water then remove them. They can live for some days. If you cook a crab, then make sure you serve it within two days to avoid food poisoning.